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Welcome to MDT Forestry

MDT Forestry are an established family run forestry business based in Bishop Middleham, County Durham. We offer a wide range of forestry services to the North East Region. We have a range of specialist forestry machinery and we can access areas where larger mechanical harvesters and forwarders cannot. ​Our service is particularly suited to areas of woodland and forests where there is a requirement to thin trees without removing racks, thus maintaining continuous cover in the forest and in turn reducing the risk of wind-blow.


MDT Forestry

We are a professional and reliable team and welcome enquiries from woodland or land owners across the North East region. We can provide assistance with managing your woodland however small or large the project.


Our forestry services include:

  • Thinning
  • Coppicing
  • Clear felling
  • Woodland maintainace
  • Extracting
  • Tree planting
  • Bracken control
  • River clearance
  • Gorse clearance
  • Individual hazardous tree removal
  • Flailing & Mulching
  • Logging
  • Timber Hauling
  • Stump removal
  • Timber, Log and Woodchip Sales
  • Professional Tree Surgery


MDT Forestry - Tree Surgery

As skilled tree surgeons we understand the importance of practical and affordable solutions - especially where trees are causing obstruction or are becoming unsafe. We understand that each project will be different and therefore we can tailor our service to suit each project and each budget. We have a long track record within the forestry industry and our reputation for tackling every project with the experience and expertise needed to get the job done safely, efficiently and competitively. We can also help with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Area applications!


Our Tree Surgery services include:

  • Dismantling of dead,dangerous and diseased trees
  • Pruning
  • Crown lifting
  • Crown balancing
  • Reduce leaf surface
  • Selectively remove trees to encourage growth
  • Felling
  • Reduction
  • Stump removal
  • Reshape hedges
  • Hedge cutting
  • Site clearance
  • Prevent interference with buildings
  • Prevent interference with overhead cables & traffic
  • Clearing a building site
  • Thinning woodland


MDT Forestry Equipment Hire

Tractor & Timber Trailer

Hire includes the operator and has a 7 ton capacity.

MDT Forestry Tracked Chipper

Tracked Chipper

The tracked chipper is a Timberwolf 190 capable of chipping 7.5 inch. Available with or without operator.

MDT Forestry Tractor and Winch

Tractor & Winch

Hire includes the operator with tractor and 4ton Winch with 80ft of cable.


MDT Forestry - Hardwood Logs

We will always provide assistance to help customers get the most from the timber produced from their woodland. As such, we will also try to assist with providing timber haulage and help finding buyers for the timber. We also sell hardwood logs and kindling.


Our range of hardwood logs and kindling are available:

  • Nets £3.50 each
  • Dumpy bag £50 each delivered locally
  • Trailer full £120

We can also supply specific wood types:

  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Sycamore
  • Ash


We are based in Bishop Middleham, County Durham and cover the whole of the North, from Manchester in the North West up to Cumbria and all of the North East up to Scotland.